Marika Charmon Rahal

My art, its process, my inspirations

My ink art

Halfway between drawing and painting, my ink work is an abstract expression, fruit of a stylistique into the decorative design of flowers. Abstraction allows me to explore a universe of sensations and emotions often hidden in the shadows. Ink is uncotrollable, I exploite the chaotic potential of where flowers and other sinuous, aquatic, reptilian forms are born.
I am deeply influenced by certain post impressionist painters from the Nabis movement and japanese art.
Flowers are born of the chaos
Crochet lace, fabric and thread wrapping

My fiber art

A  fascination for crochet and   the feminin power to create with this tool, archnean works  is the orignin of my fibers sculptures. With the diversion of objects such as electric I also diverted  the traditional techniques of crochet lace, like turkish tig oya and the irish crochet. Some of thoses sculptures are wearable pieces and all are unique.

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